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'' - The third addition to the series, joining '' & 'the' is a new site born out of love for the sportier 'big brother' car to the MG ZR.

The site was co-founded at the beginning of July 2007 by the then 3 owners Alan, Craig and Sammy.

The aim of the site is to gather a respected 'core' group of members with technical knowledge or just a love for the marque, and become one of the best sites dedicated to the MG ZS without losing the friendly atmosphere that has developed. As the site continues to grow members will organise various different events where they can meet up, organise 'group buys', member discounts via site partners and buy 'site merchandise'.

July 2008
After what seems to be an unbelievably short 12 months the site has gone from strength to strength, and continues to grow. In this short time there have been a number of changes to the site, most notably the loss of Sammy (SDUK) as one of the Site Owners but with the addition of Kev (KevG) and Mick (Stamford) to fill his place.

September 2009
During September we revived the Ambassador role and promoted Gary (Maxfly) and Peter (peterzs) to continue the good work done.

May 2011
Sam (ZS) was brought into the admin team to help run and maintain the site as he is a regular member and knows his way around the systems. A valuable member to the team and he'll be helping to improve the site. He has done alot of work behind the scenes and has helped to reduce the issues every forum has and that is spam!

February 2012
Peter (peterzs) was brought into the admin team alongside Craig, Kev and Mick to help with the site and is a valued member with a wise head on his shoulders

March 2012
Dan (Dan1971) joined the team as site ambassador, welcome Dan!

September 2017
Update long overdue so thought we had better do one! Craig and KevG have both left the team and moved onto new things. Myself Mick (stamford) one of the original members from the start and Peter (peterzs) run the forum as the only two site owners. Sam (ZS) continues with the IT side of things which we couldn't do without.

Without enthusiasm from all our members we would not be here, so from all the members and staff, welcomes you to an enjoyable visit.
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