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reaper0709 09-12-20 08:56 AM

Induction kit
Hi all,
Before deciding to spend many many pennys for one does anyone have a decent one laying about for sale? Currently have the standard box on my zs 180.

talkingcars 09-12-20 07:59 PM

Which version are you going for?

stamford 09-12-20 08:49 PM

Whatever way you go spend wisely. No need to spend big on ITG, can be done for a lot less for the same gains.

reaper0709 09-12-20 09:43 PM

If I can get something decent for a reasonable price, itg, pipercross or something I'd settle for that. Otherwise I'll probably go with something cheaper than 350 quid....
Any recommendations? I shall probably have a search on here when I get a bit of time.

p_b82 10-12-20 10:27 AM

I think on here there is a DIY post to get an ITG equivalent by buying parts yourself; not something I've looked into as not got the 180 lol

Street Elite 10-12-20 12:51 PM

I found a honda itg on ebay and made a few brackets

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stamford 11-12-20 06:36 AM

Worth reading an old stickied thread:

If you are handy with tools and knocking up brackets then go custom to save money. Iíve had my BMC CDA fitted for around 14 years give or take. Same gains as the ITG, prior to being the first KV6 to be mapped it ran 192bhp with the BMC, decat and Janspeed system. So to me that was a healthy starting point.

talkingcars 13-12-20 08:56 PM

I too fitted a BMC CDA but a little bit differently - I moved the battery to the boot and fitted the filter in its place taking a feed through the gap between the inner wing and the chassis leg. Before fitting the inlet would never cool down after it got hot, after fitting the inlet ran at a constant 5' above ambient in moving traffic, even if that was 35'. Stuck in a traffic jam on the Paris ring road one August it reached 65', even then it dropped to 5' above as soon as we were rolling again.

reaper0709 14-12-20 07:48 PM

Thanks for all the help, will look at my options when I get some time off work.
I was browsing the dmgrs website yesterday and saw they have a 180 silicone induction hose, would this be worth considering? Could you fit maybe a cheap cone to the end of this and place in inner wing?
I've seen some as cheap as 30 quid, not really sure they'll do the job.
thanks again all

stamford 15-12-20 01:30 PM

That hose is a copy of the ITG one. So you could add pipes and have a remote filter. Just make sure it is sited where water ingress isnít an issue. One of those large ally coffee tins works well as a shield. As for a filter Iíd go for a Green conical filter, plenty of options on sizes available from them.

reaper0709 15-12-20 06:16 PM

Thanks mate, really appreciated the help :)

stamford 16-12-20 06:41 AM

Glad to help. At least on forums like this youíll get answers and not flooded with useless crap unlike FB at times.

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