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buchan4042 11-12-12 07:38 PM

what do you think????

andys1981 11-12-12 07:39 PM

very nice mate,love the zeds in blue,the exhaust looks to big though

MG ZS STE 11-12-12 07:39 PM

Looks the mutts. Even the dice look good

grimmy 11-12-12 07:40 PM

Very nice apart from the exhaust tip.that looks a bit odd.tidy looking car.

petet16 11-12-12 07:40 PM

Looks good, what's going on with the tail pipe it sticks out a mile

Lukeus101 11-12-12 07:41 PM

looks like a saloon exhaust

buchan4042 11-12-12 07:41 PM

previous owner, idiots welded it on, saving up the cash for a new one

BUCKYDEVIL 11-12-12 07:43 PM

Looks a good tidy example, agree with your first job of sorting Zorst..

Smokey 11-12-12 07:43 PM

Love ignition blue, same as others, new backbox required.

buchan4042 11-12-12 07:44 PM

still it keeps tailgaiters well away :-)

WalkerDnB 11-12-12 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by buchan4042 (Post 286753)
previous owner, idiots welded it on, saving up the cash for a new one

Id be cutting it off in the meantime then

Other than that it looks really smart mate :)

Enright 11-12-12 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by buchan4042 (Post 286756)
still it keeps tailgaiters well away :-)

By poking them in the eye?!?
Never knew you could carry scaffolding poles under Zeds!
Don't save up for an exhaust - just buy a hacksaw! ;)

Gorgeous colour - great looking car. What engine is it?

stamford 11-12-12 09:12 PM

Very nice, like the blue but that exhaust!

buchan4042 05-01-13 03:25 PM

its only a 1.6 but runs ok so far

talkingcars 05-01-13 03:45 PM

It is a very nice looking car, if you were local I'd whip that pipe off with my angle grinder for you because at the moment you run the risk of getting pulled because of it.

MG 53 ZED 05-01-13 04:04 PM

Very nice looking Zed there mate, not seen an exhaust like that before though:hmmm:

buchan4042 05-01-13 04:37 PM

its just been an aftermarket tip but the twats welded it on, just going to put a new back box on it but don't know whether to cut the bumper and put the steel exhaust surround on it or keep the exhaust hidden behind the bumper, wheels are getting refurbed monday at 200 so price a back box this week, wheels going hyper silver with blue dust particles but i'll see what it looks like before doing all 4

buchan4042 19-01-13 06:05 PM

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