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stamford 26-06-13 08:30 PM

Stamford’s ZS180
The poor zed has been sorned since November 2012 and has been laid up due to the winter break, plus holidays, ill health and a bereavement. So tonight I dug it out and popped it on the driveway. Two flat tyres, covered in crap and cobwebs!

Got the wheels off, rear calipers off, then started to strip the lower arms and coilovers. The coilovers need cleaning as the adjusters have become stuck. I need to raise the car by around 25mm as the interior is back in. Plus with the new rims and tyres that need to be bought it needs clearance. However on stripping the offside coilover the inner lower LCA bolt is seized! So I can see some fun ahead, will soak the joint first but I think it'll be a drill through job to get it out! Then there's the nearside to look at!

Once the brakes have been overhauled (including new hoses and fluid) then it's down to the garage for the balljoints to be done as I don't have the tools and the patience to do it myself, while it's there they will MOT it.

Before then I'll need to roll the arches as the rims and 235s may be a tad tight. BTCC kit will be nice :D

So hopefully the old girl will get some use this year and on a personal note it is a much needed diversion from things that have happened recently.

On a good note it did start first time with a fresh battery, god I miss the noise! :D

Dan1971 26-06-13 08:34 PM

Nice one Mick ... Good to hear. Shout when you need some extra hands ... Red knows the way to Portsmouth !

reaper0709 26-06-13 08:52 PM

Glad to hear the zed is released!
I look forward to some piccys! :)

peterzs 26-06-13 09:10 PM

Sounds like a plan, best of luck.

Hope the nuts and bolts are kind and all spin off.


Craig-ZS180 26-06-13 09:22 PM

Yay..! Good news Mick, hope it all comes together nicely which I'm sure it will. I'm sure a "do stuff" get together could be organised if help I'd needed down the line.
I've only ever seen your zed once in the flesh at zedten so be good to see it back on the road once again :D

Ritchy 26-06-13 09:45 PM

Pour some cocacola over the bolt:)

andys1981 26-06-13 10:42 PM

good stuff mick,good to hear your getting an interest again for the zed,after recent events,hope it all goes well,also look forward to pics on the progress mate

maxtherotti 27-06-13 05:42 AM

can fully appreciate where your coming from
just done a mini strip on mine to paint all the arches etc
got a few bolts to drill out myself now lol

get some pics up they allways give you a boost
o and if you do the front and remove the arch liners m6 button head bolts replace the plastic screws in the silly clips fine and look good too while being cheaper than new plastic ones:happy2:

daytona365 27-06-13 06:18 AM

Good to see the beast is running again.........Too good to sit unused, and like Dan said, we all know the way down south, ...........

stamford 27-06-13 06:54 AM

Could be a good excuse for a BBQ, plus still got your box of bits in the garage Gordon!

Coca cola over the bolt? I have heard of this before, does it actually do anything or is it one of those urban legends?

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