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peterzs 30-06-20 03:40 PM

MG ZS Supercharged
In the MGCC Safety Fast, july 2020 mag.

MG ZS Mk2 supercharger Sprintex, full leather, cruise control, sunroof, upgraded oil feed, ITG Induction, uprated gearbox, SPAX Suspension, full s/s exhaust and manifold, 330mm brakes and a lot more. running 280 bhp

9,900 ono Dudley area, 07971 438395 looks firefrost in the photo but could be any another red. small spoiler

Just in case anyone is looking for one.

I'm sure it is the same one that I posted up when Dan was looking a few months back??

I don't know the car or owner . :)

stamford 30-06-20 07:46 PM

Saw that one. Strong money for what could be a money pit.

peterzs 01-07-20 11:05 AM

I'm sure it is the same one that I posted up when Dan was looking for a ZS a few months back.

Bit suspicious, he either sold it and had to take it back, or no one bit at the high price last time.

LukeZS96 01-07-20 07:39 PM

Think I know the one, firefrost hatch. The guy selling it has relocated to Ireland. From the photos I've seen it looks a great car but photos can often be deceiving and I'd imagine it would be a nightmare if something went wrong

p_b82 02-07-20 10:54 AM

I think the owner is on here, or used to be & I think it's been well looked after.

But as you say, these things do have history of being quite sudden with throwing toys out the pram.

I personally wouldn't pay that much for it - given how it could be expensive if things do go wrong.

Supercharged_Z 05-07-20 09:07 AM

Big nice car though Andy the owner has been on and off selling for years

How do you value somthing like that. You could buy it and it blow up... Risky

peterzs 05-07-20 10:53 AM

But then to get to that specification it must have cost loads of dosh.

Like any s/h car, it is a gamble, I suppose breaking it would give you a few 's back if the worse happened.

Trouble is you do not see so many ZS's about now, can't remember when I last saw one driving past. Like the ZR's, but do see a few ZT's but not many of those.

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