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Ritchy 10-02-12 07:33 PM

The MOT thread
thought id make this rather than a fresh thread everytime someone passes or fails lol,

il start, yesterday, for the 5th MOT in a row, pass no advisories, and all ive done to the car MOT wise in the last year is the exhaust and a set of tyres...not bad i think

peterzs 10-02-12 08:13 PM

Not bad at all!!!!

Lukeus101 10-02-12 08:25 PM

Always a good feeling :)

Stephen 12-03-12 09:58 AM

Mine just passed :)!

no advisories!

stamford 12-03-12 10:10 AM

Well done, got mine soon, think age is creeping up on it!

Ritchy 12-03-12 10:24 AM


steven.winder 12-03-12 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by stamford (Post 242388)
Well done, got mine soon, think age is creeping up on it!

I wouldn't worry, mine is older than yours and passed first time :)

Phate 12-03-12 11:38 AM

Mines due next month :blink:

LozMachine 12-03-12 04:38 PM

Mine passed today. Couple of advisories on ball joint dust covers perished but "still protecting joint" . Was registered 10 years ago this year, think we'll have a birthday party............:yay:

peterzs 12-03-12 06:17 PM

Well done Loz.


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