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Comeinhandy 03-04-15 10:32 AM

Has anyone used the N series HG?
I'm just wondering... Has anyone fixed their own head gasket and fitted the new "ultimate" N series (SAIC) head gasket and new oil rail? Or PRT?

Just wondering what people thought of it, how common it is. From what I read this seems to be the permanent fix for head gasket reliability issues, meaning that the ZS becomes a very reliable car!

BRMFUN 04-04-15 08:28 PM

I believe Adam may have bought one but not sure if he hs fitted it yet? Adam?

adam 04-04-15 10:07 PM

Not yet, was bought for the MGB-K but didn't use it in the end as it's quite thick and we wanted to keep the compression high on the engine.

can i fix it 05-04-15 10:25 AM

again got the kit but will be for wendys mgf fitting in the next few week went this way as the f's can be a pain and putting a new engine in any way

mattyprice4004 06-04-15 03:14 PM

I've sold around 40 so far, and all reports have been excellent - I've been in touch with several customers regarding these, as I wanted any feedback ASAP.

I have them here: N Series HG Kits - K Series

I'm particularly impressed with the quality of the lower oil rail, but that may be just because it's so shiny. :D

can i fix it 06-04-15 07:48 PM

got mine from mat as well lol

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