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uktimbo 06-04-10 03:48 AM

mgzs to buy or not to buy?
thinking of buying an mg zs 48000 miles looks immaculate 3k what do other users think of theses cars?

Jay-ZS+ 06-04-10 06:27 AM

:laugh: Silly thing to ask on an MG ZS enthusiast site ;) As long as you read the buyers guide that's on here and check for common faults you won't find a better car for the money imo.

stamford 06-04-10 09:52 AM

Firstly :hi: then what is the engine type and year? Could be cheap but could be expensive depending on what it is you are looking at. Got any pics or more information?

As for a ZS in general, for the money you can't beat it! A fantastic package and great fun :D

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