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gAZ 21-08-19 05:25 PM

'sent' folder not showing any messages
Every time I send a private message on here it doesn't show up in my sent folder.

Just wondering, is there a setting i need to click on? Is it even working?

stamford 21-08-19 09:13 PM

Checked mine and is okay, showing old items as well. Not sure on settings. Iíll look but Sam is the guru.

stamford 21-08-19 09:15 PM

Ok, ticked a box, try it now.

gAZ 21-08-19 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by stamford (Post 379828)
Ok, ticked a box, try it now.

Cheers! Just sent myself a message and its in my sent folder :trampoline:

And apologies to anyone if I've sent them a message twice! Lol :)

ZS 26-08-19 02:47 PM

Well done Stamford for fixing it :)

Sorry i missed this post, if you need to draw my attention drop me a PM as it emails me :)

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