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talkingcars 06-11-19 08:04 PM

Tom/Kieran White
I recently placed a wanted ad on Facebook for some metro/R100 parts for my EV hybrid MGF project.

Someone by the name of Tom White offering the parts and sending me some photos. As it was late I said I would get back to him the following day.

In the morning I had a feeling of unease so searched for the items in Google images and sure enough both photos came up quickly.

I strung the chap along for a bit and even got his bank details, strange as the account was in the name of Kieran White.

He then started getting pushy so I challenged him and pulled out of the purchase.

A bit of research shows I haven't been his first target so I am taking this to the authorities.

Has any one had dealings with Tom White or Kieran White of NG10 or Long Eaton or Derby.

p_b82 08-11-19 05:01 PM

I can't say I have - but useful heads up for every-one!

peterzs 09-11-19 01:26 PM

Don't know them, but good to have a warning.


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