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ZS 04-01-18 05:25 PM

Now that's out the way....

Anyone got a MK2 drivers wing with kit for sale? Sooner the better really and any colour as will respray anyway.

peterzs 04-01-18 06:38 PM

Big Oops.

Hope everyone is OK.

stamford 04-01-18 07:42 PM

Oh! :slap:

ZS 05-01-18 07:59 AM

Clarification... its not the T16 :)

Some Jag XK convertible drove into her on a country road and then refused to hand over details saying his car was more expensive and wasn't worth doing anything about it, then drove off. She got his numberplate etc... but now need to replace that wing before the car can go back on the road (wing bent down and rubbing on wheel, but no signs of damage under wing)

p_b82 05-01-18 10:12 AM

Oh wow.

Snobbish much!

Think a nice friendly call to the local police might change his attitude!

Hope you can get it all sorted out nice and quickly!

Dan1971 05-01-18 12:57 PM

Can't do that. That's an offence. Report them. :police:

stamford 05-01-18 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by Dan1971 (Post 377272)
Can't do that. That's an offence. Report them. :police:

What he said, leaving the scene etc.

Skillen 05-01-18 05:22 PM

Would have been about 30s till I’d phoned the police following that �� balls to that stuck up ****

ZS 05-01-18 10:11 PM

Police informed etc, but been told that even though she was stationary there is no CCTV or witnesses, therefore her word against his (if they track him down) and therefore will likely be 50/50 blame. So recommendation is not to go through insurance...

talkingcars 05-01-18 10:36 PM

Leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging details or reporting to a police station within 24 hours is an offence - you have reported it - they have refused to exchange details or report it - they are committing an offence - you don't need to go through insurance for the police to give them a visit and obtain their details.

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