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sduk 05-08-07 07:31 PM

How did you find
Just curious :D

be good to find out where our members came across us :D

Shafz 05-08-07 07:35 PM

Sammey threatened me to join up :D

Smokey 05-08-07 07:40 PM

spotted sticker on sduk's car

sduk 05-08-07 07:41 PM

hehe 100% for me so far then :D

JIMZS180 05-08-07 08:03 PM

Can only give you 33.3% credit Sammy as I logged on after speaking to Craig,Kev and yourself at F & M !!!!:thumbsup:

stamford 05-08-07 08:50 PM

Over from XPF.

lukiep160 05-08-07 08:57 PM

Admin ask me nicely

Z Scotland 05-08-07 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by sduk (Post 5532)
hehe 100% for me so far then :D

Another one for you Sammy ....(should've put your name on the poll)

Leasky 05-08-07 10:18 PM

some random guy with the name ''Z Scotland'' gave me a link to the site:w00t: very glad he did now:smile1:

KevG 06-08-07 07:34 AM

I was told about the role I was to play in the site.......

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