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Bakermgzs 09-07-20 09:02 PM

Mg zs v6
Hi all it's been very long time since I was on the site. Just thought I'd come have look around and see if I could upload a fuw picture of the car as there has been a lot changes since I was last here. Could someone point me in the right direction of being able to upload some pictures as I am very bad with computers. Many thanks
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Bakermgzs 09-07-20 09:42 PM

All sorted posted on my album

p_b82 10-07-20 09:13 AM

Looking good there!

They ultralegguras? look good in white in contrast to the paintwork. probably a bitch to keep clean tho :D

Bakermgzs 10-07-20 12:16 PM

Hi mate thank you. Yer there superleggras lightweights. And to be honest no there easy to keep clean as the car spends 95% of its life in hibernation as there to many idiots on the road. And pol was cancelled

p_b82 13-07-20 11:45 AM

Ah - wasn't sure if they were super's or ultra's...

And not driving it is one easy way to keep it looking nice :)

chesterlamb 17-07-20 02:48 AM

That looks neat! Yeah, I try to avoid driving too much these days. The pandemic is doing something to people's brains.

Bakermgzs 17-07-20 11:27 AM

Lol I'd have to totally agree and thank you the car has had more love than my missis lol

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