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glane85 15-06-21 10:11 PM

( SOLD ) 2003 mgzs 180
MGZS 180 (53 plate, 2003)
X-power grey
Very good condition inside and out.
I bought the car in May 2014, with about 83,000 miles. During this time, Iíve carried out, or had carried out, the following:

- Belts and water pump were changed about 4 years ago by MG Rover Mobile Mechanics.
- The clutch hydraulics were changed to the Dark Ice Designs kit (new master and slave cylinders, braided lines, DID slave cylinder mount, remote fluid reservoir).
- A new clutch (about 4 years ago). Also new MTF 94 oil.
- I fitted a set of 620Ti front calipers. Also rebuilt with new seals and pistons. Pads are currently Black Diamond Predator, and are virtually new.
- Braided brake lines front and rear.
- Brake fluid is currently ATE Type 200.
- The back box is the Janspeed X-Power unit.
- I also replaced the main cat with a Janspeed 200cpi sports cat.
- The upper inlet manifold was replaced with what looked like a brand new unit (although sold as used). I also took off the VIS motors, which were spotless, so must have been new, and carried out the resoldering process to future proof the internal connections.
- The thermostat was replaced soon after I bought the car.
- While the UIM and injector rails were off the car for the thermostat replacement, I also had the injectors cleaned.
- The air filter box (right behind the radiator) has been removed and replaced with hard pipes to a filter unit relocated in the front nearside wing.
- There is no plastic engine cover. This wasnít present when I bought the car.
- About 3 years ago, I spent 2 weeks under the car, cleaning the underside and wheel arches. Any surface rust was treated, and all surfaces sealed. All accessible box sections were also injected. Not a job I want to do again in a hurry!
- Tyres are Nankang NS-2R (note the code!), all in very good condition. 205/40 size.

Inside: very good condition.
- Seats are highlighted with yellow, front and rear.
- The seats have only slight wear, unlike many, with the bolsters all intact.
- The LCD clock doesnít work well (if at all). I did carry out the recommended repair soon after I bought the car, where the adhesive electrical connections are reheated to re-bond them. This worked for about a year, before starting the fail again. I havenít repeated the process.
- No head unit. No rear parcel shelf speakers. Given the large wires around the car, I assume a previous owner had some serious ICE which was removed, and never replaced. The car did have an old Kenwood unit, and the front speakers do work, but the unit was removed and Iíve never been motivated to replace it.
- I replaced the resistor pack on the fans, so the heater fan works on all speeds.
- The Air Con doesnít work. Never has. Iíve never had it looked at so unsure what would be the issue.

Bad points:
It goes without saying, it is an 18 year old car. There are a few very minor marks on the otherwise excellent paint work.
One tiny dent in the bonnet.
A scuff under the front bumper, presumably from a kerb.
The rear bumper has some crazing on the offside, presumably from being reversed into a bollard or similar.
Alloys could do with an overhaul, as there is quite a bit of kerb rash.
The car does at times, take a few extra cranks to start, especially when parked after a run. Not sure if this a trait of all 180s. It does start though, and has never failed to do so. Once started, it runs perfectly.

MOT due end of August. Over the 7 years Iíve had it, the car has only failed on 3 things: headlight alignment (garage adjusted), corroded brake pipe (garage replaced the small section), and last year brake imbalance at the front (probably because of lack of use (only 70miles in the past year). I cleaned the front calipers, gave it a good drive, and it then passed).

Drives very well. Pull freely through all gears. VIS motors work. Brakes are good and strong, helped by the 620Ti calipers with larger pads.

Iíve kept the car in the garage during the 7 years Iíve owned it, and very rarely has it been out in the rain. Probably half a dozen times, if not less.
I have done a few track days, and it has run absolutely faultlessly. A few friends who have used it have said how good it is. OK, not that fast of course, but sounds great, very good handling, and brakes with not much fade.

Reason for sale:
Two fold. One, I now work at home, so for the last 2 years, the car has had very little use (maybe 100miles). Two, I now have a new car coming, so unfortunately, the 180 has to go and free up the garage.

Dropped the asking price to £1300 ono

EDIT: location - near Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Hopefully this link to Google will work. First time I've used Google to host pictures!

talkingcars 16-06-21 04:39 PM

Good luck with the sale but you may need to find a different host for the photos as the link asks me to log in to google, fine if one has an account but not all do.

glane85 16-06-21 06:16 PM

Thanks for the heads up to the Google link. Google implied it was visible to all, that's a shame it isn't. I'll see what I can find. It may just end up on Ebay with accompanying pictures!

p_b82 17-06-21 08:20 AM

I'm not logged in on this browser, and I can see the pics - so not sure what's going on there.

It might be a android vs pc thing that though.

Good luck with the sale.

peterzs 17-06-21 10:39 AM

Photos come up OK on my laptop

Great looking car, for not much money.

Good luck with the sale, but I'd keep it, for a classic that will increase in value.


glane85 17-06-21 10:56 AM

Thanks. It does look good in the photos! But while I would like to keep it, I need the garage for the new car so itís time to sell up. Canít believe Iíve had it for 7 years! Could have sworn it was about 5!

talkingcars 17-06-21 05:41 PM

The message I get is "To help keep your account secure, Google needs to verify that it’s you. Please sign in again to continue to Google Photos."

glane85 17-06-21 06:17 PM

I looked at Imageshack. Does this link work instead? I've only put on a coupe of pics to see if it works. Again, I haven't used this this image host before.

stamford 17-06-21 07:41 PM

Both links worked for me on my iPad. Nice zed, worth it I say. Good luck with the sale.

glane85 17-06-21 08:03 PM

Thanks. I guess only worth what someone wants to pay. No interest yet, unfortunately. Itís not as though the market for them is huge, of course.

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