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buchan4042 11-12-12 07:38 PM

what do you think????

andys1981 11-12-12 07:39 PM

very nice mate,love the zeds in blue,the exhaust looks to big though

MG ZS STE 11-12-12 07:39 PM

Looks the mutts. Even the dice look good

grimmy 11-12-12 07:40 PM

Very nice apart from the exhaust tip.that looks a bit odd.tidy looking car.

petet16 11-12-12 07:40 PM

Looks good, what's going on with the tail pipe it sticks out a mile

Lukeus101 11-12-12 07:41 PM

looks like a saloon exhaust

buchan4042 11-12-12 07:41 PM

previous owner, idiots welded it on, saving up the cash for a new one

BUCKYDEVIL 11-12-12 07:43 PM

Looks a good tidy example, agree with your first job of sorting Zorst..

Smokey 11-12-12 07:43 PM

Love ignition blue, same as others, new backbox required.

buchan4042 11-12-12 07:44 PM

still it keeps tailgaiters well away :-)

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