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Its Me 01-07-10 11:47 AM

MK2 Front end slam panel
Hello everyone

I've got a MG ZS 180 2004 new shape (salvage repaired).

I had to replace the complete front end. I just about got the New shape bumper, wings and lights but I could not get the -I think its called- slam panel (metal frame what goes behind the bumper and lights), so I used a 51 plate Rover 45.
The front end is not level, the one headlight fits just under the bonnet well as the other sticks out! and also the bumper is more towards the passenger side(looking from front).

The garage who repaired my car are saying the reason its not level is because its from a different shape car, that's why its not level!

Is this true?
I thought that the mark1 and 2 are the same underneath

Could anyone clear this for me because this garage have and still are messing me around and wasting my time and money with there cowboy ways!

Stephen 01-07-10 11:48 AM

The Mk1 and Mk2 45 and ZS are the same. Its the Rover 400 that has a different one.

Maby something is still bent and hence something else not fitting correctly?


Its Me 01-07-10 12:02 PM

Thanks for reply Stephen

The damage was to the driver side and they used a jig to straighten the car.....its been a nightmare with these guys

For some reason I cannot upload any photos to show you guys!

Stephen 01-07-10 12:15 PM

You could try Or

Or failing them... if you want to email me them, il post them up for you.


stamford 01-07-10 12:46 PM

Are they an approved repairer accredited to the MVRA? If so then you could report them and they may lose their quality approval. If they claim to be MVRA approved then contact the MVRA and inform them you have an issue. If they do not have this then it will require a second opinion from an appointed MVRA repair centre. Then it might require Trading Standards to get involved if you have paid them to do the work then the contract is between you and the garage. If it has gone through vehicle insurance then it is between the garage and the insurance company by law.

Its Me 04-07-10 08:32 PM

I have just spent an hour typing a reply and I lost it...................bloody computers!!

How do I find out if they are an approved repairer accredited to the MVRA?

In short..
I found this garage in the yellow pages. So I checked out the web page which also shows good reviews. Went down spoke face to face, checked his garage (they were repairing a nice M3 Convertible). I offered to drive him to my house so he can inspect my car, he was busy so he sent his mechanic with me. Talked a bit more...this guy seems genuine...OK fix her.

I did all the running around to get parts....

When I went to collect my car it was filthy inside and out!

After a few weeks we had some heavy rain during the night. In the morning I found some water on the passenger seat. I phoned him but no answer or reply, so I went down and showed his staff they said its the door seal. It was not the door seal it was the front screen which they had replaced.
I phoned him several times but again no answer or reply, every time I go to his garage he's not there.

So I went to another garage only for a visual inspection and it was NOT good news....I did not want to but had no choice and call up trading standards.

Hopefully you should be able to see some photos (thanks Stephen)
What's wrong with the pipe (top middle)
That pipe again
What's wrong with the wheel

Thanks for the replies

Southside_ZS 04-07-10 10:44 PM

Is this the one that was on ebay from ireland? if so well done for saving it.

on another note that looks like some shocking repair work. Whys the cv spraying grease everywhere? is it not sitting properly causing the gaitor to split?

Its Me 05-07-10 08:33 PM

Yes this is the ONE from Ireland

At the garage where I took these photo's the mechanic said it needs to be replace due to the accident.

The "professional" garage called just over a week ago asking for me to bring my car in to sort out the problems. I dropped my car off last Tuesday, I went today for the first time to see progress, and guess what...........NOT a single thing has been car is just parked up! UNBELIEVABLE

MG6Turbo 05-07-10 08:52 PM

Firstly, I would say that the chassis is STILL bent !

That front panel doesnt look like it has been welded into situ correctly.

The power steering pipe has broken and has been bodged with a bit of rubber pipe which to be honest isnt of the correct grade for handling the pressure that the power steering works on.

I do believe that there a re a few minor differences on the mk2 front slam panel.

We are able to get NEW GENUINE parts.

We are also able to supply you s.h parts, eg the power steering pipe that has been bodged !.

Let us know if we can be of help.


Steves Cleenz 05-07-10 10:02 PM

going by the pics i can make out that they have replaced the inner wing from the strut forward, as i can see where they have welded it and not even painted over the weld, or these could be weld marks from where it has been pin pulled out, so this will start to rot in no time, looks like they have pulled the drivers side chassis leg out going by the dents in it (basically not properly using a proper jig) if this was done properly then this would have been all painted and mint, looks like the radiator hangers are not lining up properly so they could have use the old slam panel and straightend it out to cut down on cost as they are about ?150 to buy

i think you should name and shame the garage that has taken out the work

where about is the mids are you as i could have a look at the repair if you are not that far from me

the repair i did myself outside my house is better than that lol

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