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rover_ed 13-10-19 06:26 PM

after mechanic
Looking to get my gaskets and belt done on a 620ti i have tried mg mobile in derby but they say this one is somthing they dont do mobile does anybody no a good mechanic pref mobile in the west mids thanks.

talkingcars 13-10-19 10:41 PM

Which company did you try?

rover_ed 14-10-19 06:58 AM

Mg mobile mechanics in derby

rover_ed 14-10-19 08:28 PM

Or im happy to pay someone willing to come and help

ZS 15-10-19 09:40 AM

You could try he has just moved over to mobile only... but not sure how far he travels.

rover_ed 15-10-19 05:37 PM

Thanks for that gave him a ring i am out of his range but he said to msg him with the details and will try sort somthing out so thanks again for the link👍👍

rover_ed 19-10-19 05:55 PM

No luck on this so still looking for some help as said will cover fuel cost ect

AdamElphick 20-10-19 12:54 PM

Have you tried Russell Walsh? I'm not sure if he does them, and know he's been ill last week or so but it worth a try as he's a diamond.

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rover_ed 23-10-19 01:18 PM

No idea who it is mate

talkingcars 23-10-19 08:43 PM

IIRC he trades as MG Rover Solutions.

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