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Lukeus101 08-04-19 01:40 PM

Anything Decent out there?
I need to get back into an MG, I tried once again to get away but the itch needs to be scratched.

Have a fairly decentish budget of around £1500. Would love a turbo conversion (again) but will consider others. Happy to travel

I know its a tad quiet here but heres hoping.

Hope everyone is well?

peterzs 08-04-19 02:19 PM

good luck.


Lukeus101 08-04-19 05:27 PM

Tall order I know Peter but fingers crossed

stamford 08-04-19 06:55 PM

To be honest you will find more on the Facebook groups. There are a few surfacing that are worth a look.

Dan1971 08-04-19 10:29 PM

A few decent looking mk 1s on ebay....Don't do facebook so wouldn't know about on there....

Lukeus101 09-04-19 12:18 AM

Facebook annoys me in that a lot of people don't respond or dont update the advert if its sold.

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