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David Sayer 20-07-19 05:55 PM

Siemens VDO throttle body?
I follow Vulcan racing on Twitter and he posted a photo of his ZS180 engine bay and I noticed the throttle body was totally different to mine, I asked what is was and he didn't reply but today I had a recommend products email for my ZS from Euro car parts and one item was this Siemens VDO product that's for German cars.they look strikingly similar. Maybe I'm barking up wrong tree but does anyone know what he's using?

peterzs 22-07-19 05:43 PM

No idea, sorry, bit too technical for me.

Can you post up any photos of the body you saw and some clever racing type on here might know.


David Sayer 22-07-19 08:10 PM

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Looks like a R32 throttle which I think are 75mm

David Sayer 22-07-19 08:16 PM

I don't really know much about the class he races in and what's allowed but have the ZSV6's that have raced in MG Cup got gutted inlet manifolds and does this throttle body basically plug in or does it need software too.

MG_ZS_180 23-07-19 11:00 AM

I think he's mentioned before on Facebook or wherever that it's an electronic throttle body, so drive by wire. But he is running stand alone engine management I believe.


ZS Phil 31-07-19 08:08 PM

Take a look at this, I believe it is actually slightly more restrictive. https://enginespareparts.wordpress.c...vt-engine/amp/

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