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Here is some news form my ZS :

I had three problems when I bought it, two of them are solved :
- we needed to change the cambelt because of previous bad done work : problem solved, my car workshop did it well,
- there was (I don't know if it's the correct term) hole in acceleration : I've change sparks and coil pack : problem solved

But there is one last problem : I have problem to start. I need to turn the key during 5 or 10 sec sometimes. After that the engine start but with diffilculties. I don't know where does it come from : the ignition system is new (sparks + coil pack), the petrol filter is new, the petrol pump work quite good (sounds OK, and works when we start the car).

Do you have some ideas?

When this step will be solved, i'll start to refurb the front and rear bumper with new paint.
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