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Originally Posted by talkingcars View Post
Diavia are a specialist air con manufacturer. It might be worth trying to contact them to see if they can supply or offer an alternative.

Early ZS had a really good pair of horns, one low tone and one high tone, but on later cars they only fitted one, normally the higher tone. I was so embarrassed by the squeak it gave out that I used to avoid using it! Eventually I fitted a pair from an early car.
Thanks, sorry for later reply. I found a Diavia probe, looked identical but it's in Spain, no answer to my email, so have asked a friendly native Spanish speaker to give them a call - he hasn't got back to me yet. In a day or two the snow/ice will have melted around my 75 donor and I'll be able to get at the outer temp sensor and give that a try.

I was wrong about twin horns there's only one with non-original wiring. Your horn description sounds a bit like my SD1 - twin horns but a pathetic squeak from a large car.

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