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I'm going to explain the MOT process in Spain - Took my Astra yesterday

Get to the main MOT center , its a big warehouse with 5 lanes ( extra 2 for artics ). Go into the office and provide them with the car papers , pay 38 euros and your given a lane number.

Wait for the lane number to appear on the massive LED screen outside. Go to the lane number and your greeted by a unhappy Spaniard.

1st- oil check and fluids.
2nd- lights , indicators ,full beam , light alignment.
3rd - Check the chassis number matches ( under the passengers plastic door thing )
4th - Rear lights , indicators , brake lights , reverse light.
5th - Seatbelt check all round
6th - drive into a metal grid where they basically bounce the car up and down and side to side to check the front and rear suspensions okay
7th - rolling road to check brakes , handbrake
8th- emissions test - rev to 2000RPM
9th - Drive out - this takes less than 10 minutes! wait for the person to arrive back with the papers and a new ITV ( MOT ) sticker to place in the front window
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