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ZS Phil
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Originally Posted by p_b82 View Post
Yeah - it was a case of "do we continue to persevere with these issues, or just take that step back and generate our own signal" ... we've done the latter, and things are looking up.

I'll hopefully have some figures of it on SDI's and then the custom injectors - as you say clean burn is more critical with VNT, so hopefully we get some good figures that don't require de-coking every 200 miles
the comparison of the curves will be interesting, I've always been worried that bigger units is pushing boost/torque too high up the range for every-day driving.

I use google photos; you can share the direct link in img tags if you open the "long link" by viewing the image itself.
Others I think use one of the apps that enables photos to be attached using that, but I can't comment on it.
Thanks for the tip regarding the photos, had a play and think I've managed to link one picture... the most important one!
You're right regarding bigger units pushing the curve to the right but I suppose when the power does come on its more linear than a smaller unit which can give almost a bell shaped curve as it runs out of puff higher up. Swings and roundabouts I guess.
Cant wait to try some different injectors. Got some new nozzles in the garage to try, just need to get them set up with raised opening pressures. If you still want yours testing (you mentioned it a few years ago) Id be happy to, although I guess you're not far off testing them yourself from the sounds of things!
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You're still over stock peak torque at 2400 rpm - but given that you've only got a 1200 rpm band of peak torque/power by the look of it, it makes that sweet spot smallish.

That said, if you're not giving it full beans you're not going to notice that in real world with the extra torque that you do have on tap. so looks good

We're looking at peak torque around the 2k mark - inline with the crappy stage 2's; with the aim to hold it flat until 4k (might not be possible but that's the aim), maybe 4200.. but unfortunately our head design just doesn't make sense to tune it up to the 5500 limit as you can see it just runs out of puff.

RE the offer of testing, I think at this point we're close ourselves so I'll pass; I'm happy that they flow enough fuel as I fitted them previously, the issue will be what the combustion is like...

There are more nozzles that can be tried in the catalogue than there were a couple of years back, so if they don't work, I may well fire these ones your way (not having the soot aspect to content with) if we end up doing some trial and error. If you're interested in experimenting that is.
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