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Battery to boot conversion

Evening chaps! Just wondering if there is any guides on a battery to boot conversion? I tried asking on Facebook but I may aswell be asking fluffy the cat with the advice I've been given. Only main questions I have are what gauge cable to use for my main live feed going through the car and the best place for my earth point. I was going to use the bolt where the rear seat backs bolts to the chassis or use the rear light bolts but I am unsure which is better. Thanks in advance lads. I have to move the battery due to the intercooler pipe routing there is no room in the engine bay for the battery. If there has already been a "how to" guide done on this could someone please link it instead. I can't use the search function on my phone
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I don't think there is a "how to" for it for the ZS but there are some videos out there for other brands.

It's a job on my list, but mostly so that I can build a custom airbox at the front as I had a few bits chopped out the front to get the single pass IC to fit.

Not sure the gauge, but you want to it to be pretty high & battery cable spec - better to over spec than under.

Seatback bolt could be a good earth - I'd probably not want to use the rear light area just because I'd not want to increase the risk of any potential shorts *in case" scenario.

It does depend on where you plan to put the battery as to whether you put your own earth point in as well - if you're mounting the battery tray and cutting some of the boot matt down, you can put your own earth wherever is suitable really
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I used 16mm2 welding wire but tbh I think it needed to be bigger.
I use an audio splitter block where the battery used to be. Then drop a cable to the starter and the fuse box. Some just wire to the starter and then a 2nd from starter to fuse box. Will work either way.

I have a very large fuse at the battery end. As close to the positive terminal as possible.

I just drilled the floor in the spare wheel well and fitted an earth point. Whatever bolt you want to use. Make sure your getting clean metal, even if that means grinding some body/ bracket to make sure.

I pulled the original tray from the front end and drilled through the floor just in front of the rear passenger light cluster. Bolted the tray down there. If your desperate some batteries have a vent pipe you could drill through the floor too but I never did. No I'll effects that I'm aware of!

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