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Picked up the T16 from Stamford a few weeks back now and have been chasing issues, as normal when you pick up a new secondhand car.

First issue was that I was not 100% happy with the suspension, so had a look under the car to find that the roll bar bushes were shot, so replaced them with new OE ones from rimmers.

While there found some odd rubber "spring helpers" wound around the front springs, so pulled them off as well. Handling is 1000 x better now

Next was to find out why the interior fan wasn't working, after finding the resistor pack had disintegrated and fan seized I replaced both of them, but still it didn't work. Further investigation found that a fuse in the engine bay had gone so replaced that and now all is well.

something that has been annoying since we picked the car up (and I think Mick was chasing as well) was around 3-4k rpm the car would run rough, but only under load. Mick had already changed the coolant temp sender and on research the symptoms could also be spark plugs, rotor arm, distributor cap, cam or crank sensors as well.

Replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor arm, then cleaned up the earth points, but this didn't sort the issue.

Whilst changing the plugs I found the throttle body mount was in bad shape and leaking air, so replaced it and then commisioned an alloy one to be made up - still waiting for this, will fit when it arrives.

Unplugged the cam sensor and car still ran, so then replugged it in and unplugged the crank sensor and again car still ran fine. So unlikely to be them, however I removed them both to clean them.

Whilst cleaning the crank sensor i noticed a small plastic pipe that comes out of the manifold and goes to the MEMS unit was not connected. I pushed this back into place and it popped out again as soon as I stepped back (not running the engine).

I did some research and found this is the MAP sensor, so using a zip tie reattached to the mems unit. Then took the car for a drive.

its much much better now, no rough running and a bit more power to boot

So what's next on the cards? Well it has a significant oil leak from somewhere, so next is to locate and fix that. Although I am told switching to 10W50 oil might help, so I will perform a full service at some point and see if that helps. Also I would like a pscan to connect to this (and my F's) ECU

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